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I am Chairman of Gainsborough Trinity Supporters Club.

We switched our epos system almost 2 years ago now. At the time we had a dwindling membership of 300 and those members complained there were no incentives to become a member of the club as non-members got charged the same as members. We introduced the tills with a price differential of non members being charged 20p extra across the board on all drinks. There was now an incentive to become members and our membership now stands at 1100. So in two years we have nearly trebled our membership. We have not increased members prices since we introduced the tills and the price differential is now 40p. People who only use the club once a month are now members as it is cost effective. This is all down to the tills. The tills give detailed analysis which again as allowed us to move the club forward. We can analyse staff entries and check one staff is not serving as much as others. We also have the facility for members to put money onto their account and then draw down as they buy the drinks. This again has helped cash flow. I honestly believe the tills have been the main factor in turning around the profitability of the club and we have had nothing but positive feedback from the members. Finally if there are any issues with the tills these are sorted straight away with a phone call to the support number.
We also introduced the line cleaning system at the same time. This has enabled us to clean the lines every two weeks rather then every week and the saving has paid for the tills and more. There has been no issues with the beer due to the reduced cleaning. We could of gone three to four weeks and did for the first few months and again there were no issues with the beer but we decided as a committee to move forward at two weeks only as the savings made were still sizable.

I would totally recommend the tills and smart line cleaning system and have nothing but compliments for every staff member we’ve dealt with.

Matt Lyner

Club Chairman

From the original meeting of our needs to the system being installed and up until now nearly two years on we have been extremely impressed with what our integrated epos system is able to offer us as a club. The after sales service and support has been exceptional. We also invested in the intelliline beer cleaning system which has allowed us to save almost £4k per annum on associated line cleaning costs. This alone has paid for the investmnet made in our epos & membership system. I would fully recommend to other clubs and I’m more than happy to speak to other clubs about our huge success with the system as a whole.



What a fantastic system. Feature rich and very easy to get on with and implement new reporting etc in the back office. Coupled with a fully integrated membership and door system we have a reduced workload and greater efficiency when dealing with membership and day to day reporting. The support has been just as sold with fast fix responses as and when needed. It’s been a great introduction to the club. The intelliline beer saving system has allowed us to only line clean every 4th week which has saved the club thousands and offset the cost of the new epos system investment.


Club Steward

Very professional from start to finish. The new back office system with the epos tills offered a great overview of both key financial information and a full membership management system. Would recommend A+++++


Club Treasurer

To whom it may concern, Regarding the intelliline line cleaning, it can easily be stretched out to 6 weeks on some products if done correctly. We started on a weekly clean, then built it up up 2 weeks and progressed further over a few months. We never do less than 4 weeks now so the savings are great
On the till and the door system, again its been a great success not only in the security the door system brings but also on the tills where you set up a separate price list for none members, We currently run at 40p/pint extra for none members which over 12 months you will find a nice sum of cash at the end.
The back up service provided by there tech team is second to none, and they go the extra mile to solve any issues and help you along with any price changes etc.
Both these systems are really easy to manage as well and we currently have a membership of 1500 running through the tills and doors.
All in all I believe that the products you are contemplating would be a major asset in the running of your club as they have in ours.
If you need any more information please feel free to call

Dave Gardner


Intelliline line cleaning system has been fantastic offering the club huge savings from the onset. After trialling the system for the 4 week free trial the results spoke for themselves so the committee decided to proceed with full installation to both cellars.



Would fully recommend this company. Their service has been outstanding in maintaining both our alarm and cctv system.


Bar Manager

Professional from start to finish. Support thereafter has been superb. Would highly recommend.



Couldn’t have asked for a simpler to use system. The end of day reporting is a breeze and all staff have got on so well with the new system.



New system working great. Members are loving the loyalty card system so far. Has also encouraged non members to now join the club to benefit from the loyalty pricing.



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